Design & Manufacture Antimicrobial Polyester Pool Ducting

Antimicrobial Polyester Ducting for a Pool Installation

Air Distribution Concepts, was approached by a contractor working with the Detroit school district to design and manufacture a polyester ducting system for their indoor swimming pool. The system was to replace their existing ducting, which was metal and had rusted due to the pool’s chemicals and constant moisture. Our antimicrobial polyester fabric system avoids these problems and created a clean and inexpensive solution.

The client gave us a number of specifications, they required a system that would connect to an existing diffuser system and would prevent the walls and windows of the facility to collect condensation.

We designed and utilized a PowerflowTM/ SoftflowTM air jet combination to blanket the walls and windows. Each section was also joined by zipper connections, which allows the ducting system to easily be taken down for cleaning. The system is supported by a double cable suspension system and can flow up to 7,500 CFM.

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Product DescriptionWe manufactured this ducting system for use within a school pool. The existing duct was metal and had rusted from the pool chemicals. The fabric system is not affected by the pool chemicals.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
  • System had to be Designed to Prevent the Walls and Windows from Condensation and Also Connect to an Existing System Diffuser System
  • Utilized a PowerflowTM/ SoftflowTM Air Jet Combination to Blanket Walls and Window
Overall Dimentions
Width: 80'
Diameter: Ø32"x 285'
Material UsedGreen Antimicrobial Polyester Fabric
Double Cable Suspension System to hang the Loop System
Each Section Joined by Zipper Connections to Help the Installation Process
System Can Be Taken Down for Easy Cleaning
Flows 7,500 CFM
Industry for UseEducational/Recreational
Delivery LocationDetroit, Michigan
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NameAntimicrobial Polyester Ducting