Customize You Fabric Air Diffuser

  • Logos

    Custom logos may be something that is not even considered for sheet metal duct but with fabric air diffuser systems you have that option. The possibility of adding extra color or a logo to a room can customize the application even further. Many schools, car dealerships, and businesses have done this and have loved the outcome. Of course, there is an added cost, but the entire system will still be less than sheet metal duct.

    Bee on Vinyl

    Blues Bar on Polyester

    Bulldog on polyester

    RHI Supply Logo

    Saints on Polyethylene

    Vinyl Paratech

    Hauser Jets logo

    Hornets logo

    Kimray logo

    Pioneer Warriors logo

    Polaris logo

    Polaris logo

  • Air Jet Plugs

    If there are areas where air is not desired to diffuse selected air jets can be easily and quickly closed with air jet plugs. Air jet plugs can be used for temporary or permanent applications.

    Air Jet Plugs

    Air Jet Plugs

    Air Jet Plugs